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Skills List

Skill Sets Required for Participating in Cape Sands Ballroom's Line Dance Classes

My goal is to keep everyone safe while having fun in dance class!  Line dancing is generally regarded as a safe way of getting a little light exercise.  But please know that some physical and mental exertion is required, and that as with any physical activity there are risks of participation.  Please verify that you have the following skills/abilities before enrolling.  Your decision affects not only you but also the dancers around you because line dancing flows in multiple directions and to be safe all dancers must flow together in the same direction at the same time.  If uncertain about whether or not you possess the following skills/abilities please review the list with your doctor and obtain his/her approval prior to participating.  If you do not feel that you can safely participate in line dancing, alternative activities to check out are aquatic exercise and seated exercise. Please note: the best way to begin your path to safe and fun participation is to join a class on a “restart date”.  Please ask for info.  Hope to see you on the dance floor!


Skills Required to Participate in Absolute Beginner Classes -

for your safety ....

  • Ability to process both voice and visual cues.

  • Ability to retain and execute instructions without a visual reference (i.e. when facing away from the instructor).

  • Good spatial orientation - understanding cues to make a predetermined amount of turn in either direction.

  • Adequate foot health to comfortably wear shoes that are considered safe for dancing which include styles having all of the following characteristics: closed toe, heel and instep, some flexibility in the sole, some means of staying on the foot (tie or strap). Not allowed: bare feet, stocking feet, mules, clogs, slides, platforms, sandals, and heels.

  • Doctor’s approval to participate if there is a history of any surgeries, injuries or conditions that could cause balance, gait, or cognitive issues.

  • Ability to remain actively participating for the full length of the class. There are no seated breaks during class because abruptly sitting down while the heart rate is elevated can cause dizziness.

  • Maintaining balance while shifting weight from foot to foot and traveling forward, backward and sideways.

  • Maintaining balance with weight on one foot while tapping or kicking the other foot forward, side, back, or next to the supporting foot.

  • Rocking weight from foot to foot with one foot positioned behind the other or next to the other.

  • Turning clockwise and counterclockwise quickly and without experiencing dizziness.

Skills Required to Participate in Easy-ish Classes -

all of the above and ....

  • Walks forward and back

  • Kick

  • Tap

  • Grapevine

  • Boogie

  • Paddle turn

  • Rocking chair

  • Toe strut

  • Jazz square with and without turn

  • Skate

  • V-step

  • K-step (and other variants of boogie)

  • Step-tap

  • Rock forward, backward, in place

  • Charleston

  • Shuffle

  • 1/4 turn in sets of 2 up to 1/2 turn total

summertime happy dance public domain vec
easy-ish classes
absolute beginner classes

Skills Required to Participate in a Little More Challenging Classes -

all of the above and ....

  • Experience with rhythms including rumba, cha cha, mambo, swing, nightclub 2-step

  • Ability to quickly acclimate to new material

  • Understanding of “quicks”, “slows”, and “syncopation”

  • Smooth weight transfers to handle faster tempos

  • Cross-points

  • 1/2 turn (pivot)

  • Weave

  • Lock step

  • Box

  • Lindy

  • Kick ball change

  • Coaster

  • Cross rock

  • Cross shuffle

  • Sweep

  • Scissor

  • Side rock cross

  • Twinkle

  • Flicks

  • Sailor steps with and without turn

  • Side rock crosses

  • Rolling vines

more challenging
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