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Ballroom Dance: Ballroom, Latin and Swing

Ballroom Dancing



Swing Dance Class with Cape Sands Ballroom at Dennis COA

Swing Dance Class at Dennis Center for Active Living (DCAL) 

Formerly known as Dennis COA & Senior Center

What activity can enhance your social life, confidence, poise, self expression, and so much more? Ballroom dancing! We often think of ballroom dancing as slow waltz and maybe a little bit of foxtrot, but did you know that it is an umbrella term that includes swing, cha cha, and even specialty dances such as salsa and hustle? Find out today what joy ballroom dancing can bring to your life!

Whether you're simply interested in some very basic pre-dance lessons or an afternoon of general dancing, Karen Shackleford of Cape Sands Ballroom will welcome you!  Bring a partner or just show up on your own and meet all of the other dancers when you arrive. Ballroom dancers are known for being a friendly group of people.


Karen is DVIDA certified with 30+ years in the ballroom industry including choreography, competition, performance and instruction. Don't wait. Now's the time to pop into one of her classes or parties!


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