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Line Dance Performance Team, Harwich 

Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance Performance Team

At this time Cape Sands Ballroom does not have any scheduled Line Dance Performance classes.

Consider joining our Monday and Wednesday morning line dance classes at DCAL.

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2018 Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance Performance Team
2019 Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance Performance Team




Here is what Karen's current Ballroom Line Dance Students

are saying about their class experience


"Karen is amazing!  This is my first line dancing class and I'm hooked!!."
- K.O., Harwich, MA

"Great workout - lots of fun."
- M.J.B., Harwich, MA

"Karen is a great teacher!  Love being with her and a group of women dancing!!"
- D.F., Harwich, MA

"I love it.  Karen is very clear and easy to follow."
- P.C., Harwich, MA

"Great group of ladies.  So much fun."
- S.E.S., Harwich, MA

"Karen breaks down each step before we start dancing to music and makes it so much fun."
- T.L., Harwich, MA

"Lots of fun.  Wonderful workout.  Karen is a great teacher."
- M.M., Harwich, MA



The Harwich Community Center
100 Oak Street
Harwich, MA 02645

Phone (508) 430-7568
Click Here for Directions

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