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Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance Team

2019 Performing Season


We're back for a second season

and we'd love to have you join us as a team member!

line dance performing team accepting new members

The Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance Performing Team wrapped up their first performing season in December. Team members enjoyed the camaraderie and the feeling of sharing their love of dance with appreciative audiences at a nursing home, COAs and a community center. If you have been thinking about joining, now is the time! We're accepting new members of all dance levels until Saturday, June 1. 

Wondering if you have “the right stuff”? Here's a quick checklist:

☐ You love to dance.

☐ You don't mind traveling to Harwich for classes.

☐ You're available on Mondays between 11:00 am 12:45 pm from June through December.

☐ You have a schedule that is flexible enough to accommodate additional dates for showcases.

☐ You are able to memorize blocks of choreography.

☐ You're OK with the fees associated with performing (classes, costume, etc.).

☐ You like the idea of being part of a team.

Were you able to check all of the boxes? Great!

The next step is to contact Karen at to get more information, ask questions, and to learn more about what it's like being part of the team.


There are two options for team class days. Team members may do either or both.

Monday mornings at Harwich Community Center, 100 Oak St, Harwich, MA 02645




Wednesday mornings at Brewster Council on Aging, 1673 Main Street, Brewster, MA  02631

 If you're not ready to make the commitment to being part of the team but you like the idea of taking your dancing up to the next level by learning some technique and how to connect to an audience, please consider enrolling in the new 3-month summer-only course, "Fourth Wall Line Dancing".


Hope you can join the team or enroll in "Fourth Wall Line Dancing" course!




Here is what Karen's current Ballroom Line Dance Students

are saying about their class experience


"Karen is amazing!  This is my first line dancing class and I'm hooked!!."
- K.O., Harwich, MA

"Great workout - lots of fun."
- M.J.B., Harwich, MA

"Karen is a great teacher!  Love being with her and a group of women dancing!!"
- D.F., Harwich, MA

"I love it.  Karen is very clear and easy to follow."
- P.C., Harwich, MA

"Great group of ladies.  So much fun."
- S.E.S., Harwich, MA

"Karen breaks down each step before we start dancing to music and makes it so much fun."
- T.L., Harwich, MA

"Lots of fun.  Wonderful workout.  Karen is a great teacher."
- M.M., Harwich, MA


Weather Cancellations


Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance for Fun and Fitness class at Harwich Community Center will follow the

Monomoy Regional School District cancellation policy.   When school is “CANCELED” or experiences a

“TWO HOUR LATE OPENING” by the Monomoy Regional School District due to severe weather, there will be no Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance for Fun and Fitness class at Harwich Community Center.


See the latest updates on closings and delays here:


For severe weather cancellations, prepaid tuition will be credited toward the following month.  Please note that tuition will only be credited when no class is held.  If the decision of the Monomoy Regional School District is to keep school district classes in session during a storm because they deem the roads to be safe, we regret that no credit can be given should you decide not to attend line dance class.


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The Harwich Community Center
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Harwich, MA 02645

Phone (508) 430-7568
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