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Group Classes: Line Dance, Brewster 

At this time Cape Sands Ballroom does not have

any scheduled classes in Brewster.

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Cape Sands Ballroom line dancers at Brewster COA

We're dancing up a storm every Wednesday morning at Brewster COA! 

Come and join us! 

8:00 - 8:45 am  EZ 4th Wall class  – ease your way into the 4th Wall feeling!    

8:45 - 9:30 am Level 1 class, ongoing and welcoming new students with some line dance experience.  

Line dancing is a partner-free way to enjoy dance as a hobby.  

Pop, Rock, and Latin Line Dancing is Karen’s signature program featuring multiple levels and music

that you know and love.  Classes are fun, friendly, and casual.  Karen teaches/reviews and cues

every dance so there’s no pressure to memorize long blocks of choreography.  

It’s a heart-healthy, social hobby so don’t wait!  Join now!

Please click here for class descriptions.

Helping you find the right level class for your skill set and your enjoyment is top priority. 
Please click here to see a list of dance skills broken down by class level. 
Let us help you make safe choices about which programs to enroll in.
EZ Fourth Wall  – ease your way into the 4th Wall feeling! Watch for next restart date
Learn how to jazz up your dance style and make it shine!
The “Fourth Wall” refers to the conceptual barrier between a performer and an audience. In this course we'll explore how to push past the Fourth Wall and find a connection to an audience. Using only one-wall dances we'll start with foot placements and then embellish each dance with technique such as arm motions, spotting, Latin action, and more. The result? Dances that would be suitable for performing. Whether your goal is preparing to join our performing team or taking your line dancing to the next level, this course will help you learn how to share the positive energy dance brings to your life. 
Prerequisite:  This course is designed for students with some line dance experience who are accustomed to picking up new material with ease and are interested in learning technique (arm motions, spotting, Latin action, etc.).  Cape Sands Ballroom Team members and non-team members are all welcome to join. 
Wednesday mornings,   8:00 – 8:45 am - restarts January 8

Cost for Fourth Wall Line Dancing:

 $4.00 per class, when paid by the calendar month 

 This course is cumulative.  No drop-ins please. 

 Students also enrolled in the 8:45 - 9:30 am Level 1 class are entitled to the multi-class rate of

$3.50 per class when paying monthly. 

Checks and cash only.  Please make checks payable to "Cape Sands Ballroom". 

Level 1 Pop, Rock, and Latin Line Dancing

Prerequisite:  Please click here to see a list of dance skills broken down by class level.

Wednesday mornings,   8:45 – 9:30 am

Cost for Level 1 Line Dancing:

 $4.00 per class, when paid by the calendar month (a semester)

 $3.50 per class, when paid by the calendar month and also taking the 8:00 am Fourth Wall class

            Drop-ins (anyone attending less than a full month of classes) are $6.00 per class.

Checks and cash only.  Please make checks payable to "Cape Sands Ballroom". 


Walk-in registration​​: please arrive a few minutes early for the first class to register.




Information For all Courses

  • No partner required

  • Wear casual layered clothing

  • Bring a water bottle and small towel

  • Shoe Policy: Carry with you some non-marking, flat, flexible, closed-toe/heel/instep shoes that slide easily on the floor but provide sufficient traction to be safe when turning.  Please plan to change into your dance shoes upon arrival. This helps Brewster Council on Aging keep their flooring clean and in great shape for everyone to enjoy.  Not permitted in class:  sandals, mules/slides/clogs, platforms, slingbacks, heels.  Please make sure your shoes have some means of staying on your foot (tie or strap). Floor conditions vary from classroom to classroom and can be affected by humidity and other factors.  Some students carry a dance bag with more than one type of shoe so they can match their choice of shoes to the current floor conditions.

  • How to join?  Come to class a few minutes early with water bottle and shoes in hand.  Swipe your card in the lobby, change into your shoes, sign in, make payment, and you’re ready to dance!

  • For your safety and the safety of your classmates, please check with Karen before joining if unsure of your dance level.

Live, Love, Line Dance!


Questions: contact Karen at     

(774) 237-3037




Bayside Chatter

Thanks to the "Bayside Chatter" for featuring the Wednesday morning weekly Cape Sands Ballroom

beginner line dance class at Brewster COA!  Join us any Wednesday morning to begin your path to fun

and fitness.  Please arrive a few minutes before the scheduled class start time to fill out a registration form.  Enjoy 45 fun-packed minutes of dance time, a little cool-down, and some friendly chatter with your

line dance buddies to send you on your way to a brighter day!




Here is what Karen's current Ballroom Line Dance Students

are saying about their class experience


"Karen is amazing!  This is my first line dancing class and I'm hooked!!."
- K.O., Harwich, MA

"Great workout - lots of fun."
- M.J.B., Harwich, MA

"Karen is a great teacher!  Love being with her and a group of women dancing!!"
- D.F., Harwich, MA

"I love it.  Karen is very clear and easy to follow."
- P.C., Harwich, MA

"Great group of ladies.  So much fun."
- S.E.S., Harwich, MA

"Karen breaks down each step before we start dancing to music and makes it so much fun."
- T.L., Harwich, MA

"Lots of fun.  Wonderful workout.  Karen is a great teacher."
- M.M., Harwich, MA




Weather Cancellations


Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance for Fun and Fitness class at Brewster Council on Aging will follow the

Nauset Public Schools cancellation policy.   When school is “CANCELED” or experiences a “TWO HOUR LATE OPENING” by the Nauset Public Schools due to severe weather, there will be no Cape Sands Ballroom Line Dance for Fun and Fitness class at Brewster Council on Aging.


To see closings online please go to


For severe weather cancellations, prepaid tuition will be credited toward the following month.  Please note that tuition will only be credited when no class is held.  If the decision of the Nauset Public Schools is to keep school district classes in session during a storm because they deem the roads to be safe, we regret that no credit can be given should you decide not to attend line dance class.



Brewster Council on Aging

1673 Main Street

Brewster, MA  02631

Phone (508) 896-2737


Off street parking

Click here for directions

Fourth Wall LD
Level 1
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